Repairing and improving systems is an inside job.

Transforming organizational outcomes and influencing change is not a job of ONE, but MANY. We must create conditions for success within our teams and organizations, before we create the change in the world.

Leaders and managers are initiators.


The answers are in the room.

Metrics, spreadsheets and data are powerful tools to determine progress and impact, but they start and end with people. 

Find long-term success + impact through connectedness, engagement, strategy, and focused effort.

These elements activate and energize your teams, and take your organization from knowing what to do, to taking action and becoming the initiators and changemakers needed to achieve and surpass your organizational goals. Learning becomes active through implementation and ongoing reflection. 

Leadership is inviting those you lead + serve to join your vision and create new realities together.

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I help leaders meet and surpass their goals by building teams that are self-directed, high-performing and burnout proof. I partner with leaders who see the value in their organizations and want to expand human potential and quadruple the possibilities of their teams through increasing engagement and collaborative practices.

Leaders who understand success and impact require more than being physically present, pushing through survival mode, and right timing. They are ready to lay down the armor of isolation, get out of their office, and connect with the people who make the work happen.

Implementing new behaviors + processes enhances your teams' and organization's momentum, performance and mission-driven success. The desire to create change starts with you and within your organization, and change begins at engagement.

Organizations are more distracted and inundated than ever.

Information overload and increasing demands are the norm, while quality engagement and relationships dwindle. Interpersonal conflicts, halfhearted productivity, high turnover and mismanaged attention sabotage the best efforts. Increasingly, leaders, teams and organizations find themselves fragmented and working in silos.

Isolation threatens the livelihood, performance, and creativity of leaders, teams and organizations. 


Leadership is about creating new realities.

Peter Senge

Present and past work includes these organizations:

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