Inspiration. Direction. Clarity. Happiness. 

What if...8 weeks from now, you looked back on your life and stood in awe of the change you made, the transformation you experienced, and the possibilities that now exist?

The CIJ Clarity Catalyst is a proven, state-of-the-art methodology based on the Stanford University Master's Degree Course, which has revolutionized the art of success.

Whether you are in the middle of a job transition, a life transition, simply stuck in one area of your life, this course is filled with practical tools and powerful techniques that will ignite self-discover, awaken personal insight, and empower you to step fully into the life you desire! 

Why Take the CIJ Clarity Catalyst?

You will identify and awaken your creative passions and authentic purpose in life.

You will discover how to silence your inner critic and get out of your own way.

You will increase your self-confidence and cultivate your intuition.

You will create a new relationship with that eliminates stress.

You will develop powerful listening and communication skills.

You will bring new found clarity and balance into your life.

You will learn how to create unlimited possibilities for yourself.

Join the thousands of others who have shifted where they were to where they wanted to be!

There is no experience like CIJ!! 

You will receive the tools and resources necessary to nurture your development and journey beyond the 8 weeks!! 

This 8-week course includes a weekly webinar, videos, soulwork (homework for the soul), personal support, and office hours from me. It is intensive and designed to support your transformation and well-being.

Invest in yourself and your well-being for long-lasting transformation decades to come.

You will not emerge from CIJ the same as you entered. And you will be proud of that.

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