Lead Well-Nourished

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Weekends are not enough. 

You used to love Mondays and now, you dread Sundays.

When you are embodied and connected, everyday brings wisdom and joy. Gratitude and reflection become second nature. As a leader, this radiates outward to those in your sphere of influence.

Reconnect with what matters, and show up powerfully and with enthusiasm.

While the calendar year begins in January, for many of us, September feels like the beginning of a new year. The air starts to cool, summer sunshine wanes, kids return to school and summer vacations are behind us. Anticipation, angst and apathy towards new beginnings take its toll on our well-being and those we lead. The time to reclaim your leader well-being is now. 

In this 6-week coaching experience, gain clarity on your leadership journey, re-ignite your purpose through your own nourishment, and make it an everyday reality for you and those you serve. 

A well-nourished leader can heal an entire village.

Investment starts at $2200. In-person sessions can be arranged for additional charge.               (Greater Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange Counties)

Spaces are limited. 

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Success and well-being co-exist when you allow it to become your reality.


This coaching experience is for women leaders who: 

  • Despite your best efforts + intentions, you don't want to get out of the car and walk in the front door of your office 
  • Have a fire for your mission, but are truly starting to question your ability to make a difference
  • Value the people in your organization and want to build their capacity from the inside out
  • Feel that emotional exhaustion outweighs the appreciation you receive
  • Feel like you're disappointing those you serve 
  • Are ready to answer the call of innovation and change, yet struggle with constant survival mode
  • You are ready to experience EQ-centered leadership alongside IQ-driven results (EQ= emotional intelligence)
  • Are ready to lay down the armor of isolation and truly connect to the organization you are leading 


                            Schedule a free Leader well-being                                session to learn more and enroll! 

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Well-nourished leaders balance:

focused effort + connection, strategy + reflection,            and action + compassion.

The time is now to learn how to set boundaries, confidently make trade-offs, say "no," and prioritize yourself. 

As a result of our time, you will feel well-nourished and have:

* A renewed sense of purpose, enthusiasm and commitment to your mission and work 

* A clear idea of your biggest challenges (we will discover the core issue) AND establish boundaries to help mitigate these challenges AND research-based strategies and methods to maintain your well-being 

* Know where you fall on the burnout continuum and professional self-care practices to keep you in a compassionate space

* Daily practice(s) to keep you connected to yourself and your mission 

* Tools and strategies to build collective well-being within your organization 

Well-being is not a byproduct of hard work, job titles and credentials. It is a priority you decide and its 150% intentional. In this 1:1 coaching experience, your needs and desires come first. You and I will co-create a support plan with your goals driving our focus. Where would you like to create more well-being in your leadership? 


What you can expect when we work together: 

  • 1 60-minute introductory call to set goals and intentions and set your nourishment in forward motion
  • 6 1:1, 75-minute virtual calls on the Zoom platform
  • E-mail access for duration of program (with 48 hours response time M-F) 
  • A safe, confidential and supportive container that centers you and your experiences
  • A contemplative space to reflect and grow 
  • A hand-selected professional book and strategy plan to bring your newly-gained awareness and learnings to life at the completion of the six weeks 
  • A renewed sense-of-self and awareness 


Investment: $1497 (virtual) 

In-person investment: $2297

                        Schedule a free Leader well-being                                                        session to learn more and enroll!

Reclaim your professional        well-being 

Women leaders and high-performing professionals are notorious overgivers. Time, attention, support, care, finances, effort--you name it, we give it...all away. In our professional and personal lives, we give and share until we are depleted and have nothing left for ourselves. There's an unspoken (and unsubstantiated) belief that overgiving shows we care and makes us effective. We mistakenly believe it will buy our way into belonging, and demonstrate to others why they should trust us. This couldn't be any further from the truth.

Others believe in you when you show up, ready to do your most important work full of enthusiasm, genuine connection, with a clear vision and commitment to follow through on shared goals. When you are overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated, follow through is the last thing on your mind. The truth is those you lead want to feel the same way as you--trusted, supported, whole and energized. How can you cultivate teams and organizations like this, when they are distant memories for yourself???

This 6-week renewal experience combines your greatest assets: your skillset + your well-being. If you are ready to feel well-nourished, embodied, clarity, and worthy of your big mission's calling--this 1:1 coaching program is for you. Learn how to kick feelings of emptiness, not enoughness, exhaustion, and guilt to the curb. 

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